Table 1

Data Records

A total of 33 anatomical structures were identified and represented by surface meshes. Also, 23 voxel regions were derived from the meshes by indexing based on their electromagnetic material properties, which was obtained form the IT'IS database. Table 1 lists the anatomical structures in mesh representation, the number of mesh faces and vertices, and the voxel regions, in which, they are included. The table also lists the triangular face average quality as measured using the ratio of the radii of the incenter and circumcenter of faces. Figure 4 shows the rendered images of the voxel model; and fig. 5 shows the mesh models of some anatomical structures.

The mesh files were saved in a single ACIS SAT (version 26) file of size 4.26 GB and separate STL files of total size 536.86 MB.  The voxel model was saved in RAW file of size 89.97 KB with header files for CST Studio and SEMCAD X. Moreover, the voxel data was also converted to NIFTI and DICOM that will be useful for co-registration of medical images for purpose of device localization or Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) based anisotropic conductivity tensor mapping. All the model files and associated files (videos and images) can be accessed from the our Figshare project