Menelik: A Detailed Computational Model of the Human Head

The use of computational models of the human body for medical device design and safety analysis is growing. As a significant contribution to this progress, we have developed a detailed human head model named ``Menelik", in both voxel and triangular surface mesh formats, based on the Visible Human Project (VHP) male image data set. The model has 33 different anatomical structures that were indexed to 23 voxel regions based on their electromagnetic material properties. The model was validated and tested by simulating a scenario of transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) and by computing the specific absorption rate (SAR) from a transmit coil of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). For validity, the computed results were also compared to the results obtained from using another human head model. Both the voxel and triangular mesh formats of the model are freely available for the scientific community.

This project is part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) funded Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) project (project number DE180101211, awarded to Dr Behailu Kibret).