Time-varying magnetic flux concentrator

I have designed a time-varying magnetic flux concentrator based on the principles of metamaterials. The device is a cylindrical shell that focuses the applied magnetic flux towards its center. It consists of alternately placed electric conductor (copper) and ferromagnetic material. The device has potential applications in magnetic sensors, medical devices, wireless power transfer, and near-field wireless communications.


Low power transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) electromagnet

I have designed  a novel TMS electromagnet prototype that operates at much lower power and generates less heat compared to the conventional figure-of-eight TMS coil. A patent has been submitted.


Time-varying magnetic flux hose and funnel

I have invented time-varying magnetic flux ‘hose’ and ‘funnel’ metamaterial by systematically arranging ferromagnetic core and slitted copper sheets. The hose can be used to transport magnetic flux at long distance without leakage – like a water pipe. The funnel can be applied to focus the magnetic flux to a targeted volume. Both inventions have potential applications in medical devices.